• General Files – is the ultimate file search engine with one of the most comprehensive databases of download links. It's a modern, fast and carefully designed way to find any media you need.

    GF Help is written to orient you in large amount of features offered by General Files. There are described functional aspects of it or, in short, how everything works.

  • 1. Search

    • Search bar
    • If you want to find any file, you need to put its name in the search bar. For more precise searching you can use the additional options and select the appropriate file hosting, file types, size and sort by.
    • 1.1. Search with options
      • Click on «Options» to open the Options tab.
        • Other search opportunities (available for registered users in their Profile Settings):
        • You can set not to show files with paid and "adult" content.
        • You can change the number of results per page.
    • 1.2. Advanced search
      • Advanced search is used when you definitely know what you seeking and want to get rid from rubbish in search results.
        • Here you can specify your request by the following search criteria:
        • With all of the words. Here you can also choose a strict / no strict order
        • With at least one of the words
        • With the exact phrase
    • You can also choose words that will be excluded from further search. You can then select the file hostings, where you want to search your file.
    • In addition to these features, you can configure the filter of search results by file extension, type, range, size, date, and sort the results by relevance, popularity, size or date added.
    • To increase the efficiency of your search, read our specially-prepared article about GF Search Engine and the advanced search possibilities.
  • 2. Page of results

    • You can precise your search results by filters (like type, size, sort by).
    • 2.1. Results are placed to a list, where you can find information about file name, source title, description (if any). You can also see a file hosting title, size, number of downloads, rating and so on.
      • You can download the file via General Downloader or use link to www.general-catalog.net or look through the “Alternative links” tab.
      • File can be downloaded through the link from file hosting website or via General Downloader, our new free application for downloading files (learn more and download the GD you can on www.generaldownloader.com).
      • If the file for some reason couldn’t be downloaded from this file hosting, you can view a list of alternative links. Also in the results you can find a reference to General Catalog, or video with a brief description and a link to the General-Video.net, if any.
      • If you can’t find the file, but you are sure that it exists, you can try to get it for the G-points.
    • 2.2. If the search returned no results
      • If the search returned no results – don’t panic! Probably, you’ve used inexact search parameters. Try to rephrase your request and make search again.
      • Also, try to use the advanced search, or search among the General-Torrents.com or General Catalog
      • Other search opportunities for «no results» query:
        • Deep Search option 
        • Priority Search option
      • These options are quite resource-intensive, so they’re available only for registered users for G-points. There’s no guarantee that your request will be successful, but chances are getting higher.
      • Deep Search option supplements your search results by the files relevant to your query. This feature is available for queries, containing more than one word.
      • Priority Search option could be useful, if you are sure, that the file really exists, but you don’t find it in our database. This feature quickens the files adding relevant to your query in our database.
      • Deep Search and Priority Search options can be activated both on the No Results page, and on the G-points / spend G-points tab.
      • Plus, you can receive notification of new files:
        • Subscribing to RSS notification of new files satisfying your request.
        • Subscribing to Alerts. This means that you will get the notifying message to your E-mail, if the new files on your request appear.
  • 3. Detailed page

    • At the top of the page you can see File info, Reports, Alternative links, Possible passwords tabs.
    • Detailed page contains basic information about the file. On the right side you can see the rating of the file, it's size, file hosting, file type, add and check dates.
    • Below there’s located "Download", «Download on premium speed», and "Download via General Downloader" buttons. Clicking on Download, you move on file hosting page to download a file. File can also be downloaded by our new free application for downloading files General Downloader (here you can learn more and download the GD).
    • Also you can use our new feature and download on Premium Speed. If the file you have found and decided to download is quite big, and you absolutely have no desire to wait for downloading on limited file hosting speeds, then spend 100 G-Points to activate Premium speed. This feature will allow you to download as many files as you want at SPACE VELOCITIES in 3 days (More information here).
    • In File info tab you can see file hosting, link(s) source, tags, relevant requests and file reports.
    • If the download link is bad, you can choose any other of the alternative links.
    • You can also:
      • Add file to the list of future downloads
      • On-line check the file for validity
      • See user name who added the file
      • Download the file via General Downloader
      • Put the Like through Facebook, Twitter, Google or General Files
      • Add password to a file
      • Subscribe to passwords for a file
    • If you find that your file is deleted from file hosting, you can use the "Find this file?" service in exchange for G-points (available only for registered users and doesn’t guarantee 100% results). You can also see the description to the file taken from the General Catalog, if any.
    • The password list for a file is available for registered users only.
    • In the bottom of Detailed page you can browse lists of related files and global interests.
  • 4. File reports

    • File reports are used to inform users about the link status, need of password or file content.
    • Reports can be divided into two groups: good and bad.
    • Good Reports
      • Report live/relevant file
      • Report virus free
      • Report without password
      • Report adult content
    • Bad Reports
      • Report deleted file
      • Report virus
      • Report fake
      • Report password protected
      • Forbidden content
    • File reports are displayed at the bottom of the File Info tab. Look at the example below. Brightness of Report icon depends on the number of reports - the more the reports, the brighter the icon.
  • 5. Comments to a file

    • List of comments to a file for convenience lines up in the form of tree.
      • Here you can:
      • Put the Like to comment (for all users)
      • Delete comment (for moderators)
      • Mark as spam (for moderators)
  • 6. File passwords

    • In File passwords tab you can add a password or look to a list of passwords related to the file.
    • You can also vote for a password. Moderators of the Project in addition to the features listed above can confirm or remove passwords.
  • 7. Download file page

    • When you go to download page, GF Heading remains. This means that you can continue searching for content, even from here. You can leave a comment and also give a good / bad report to a file. You can add it to the Future downloads, and you can move to the next file from the group. Cross button in the top right corner will close GF heading and leave you in hosting site.
  • 8. Link(s) source

    • Here you can see file hosting page through Iframe, leave good or bad report to the file. You can also leave comment or put Like to this file.
  • 9. Uploading Files

    • You’re able to add files on GF by yourself.
    • For this you should click on Submit links at the bottom of GF’s home page.
    • And fill this form:
    • There are 2 variants to choose: add a file on GF only, or also allow adding to other sites.
  • 10. Files and interests

      • Above the Search bar you can find the following tabs:
      • Popular files
      • Latest files
      • Popular interests
      • Top interests
      • Latest interests
    • There you can find a top lists with latest or the most popular files and interests in a day.
  • 11. Authorization/registration

    • Registration will open for you advanced features of our project. You will be able to earn G-points for your activity and exchange them for special features, such as Premium Speed, captcha remove and many others. Plus, you can be a part of General Community, make new friends, communicate and have fun.
    • We've applied cross-domain solutions for user authorization/registration. It means that if you are authorized in any site of General World family, you are authorized in all at once, namely:
    • External login systems for authorization / registration:
      • FaceBook
      • LiveID
      • Google
      • Yahoo
      • Twitter
      • Yandex
    • Checking the registration data for validity
      • If you don't have any account among services listed above, you need to fill the form to create an account on our Project.
      • During the registration procedure your input data such as nickname, email and password will be checked for validity.
  • 12. Mobile version

    • General Files also has a mobile version of site at m.generalfil.es. If mobile browser is detected, the system will offer you to select between the mobile and the full version of the site.
  • 13. General Catalog

    • General Catalog – is a collection of files with detailed description (visit GC on www.general-catalog.net). File search is carried out by categories to satisfy any user's sphere of interests.
    • Here you can browse the top of downloads or list of recently added files and articles as well as upload file or add an article.
  • 14. General News

    • Click on General News tab above the search bar to watch the latest news of General World family. Here you can find interesting information about our new features, products and many more.
  • 15. If you have a very old browser

    • If you see this message it means that you use an old version of web browser which is not able to display the site content properly.

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