• General Community (GC) - a place where you can talk on any topic, discuss the films or music albums freshly downloaded with the help of the General Files (GF), or discuss Super Bowl highlights viewed on the General Video. It is a place to share your links, news, pictures, that is to grow roots in the General World (GW), because the General Community is the heart of the GW.

    GC Help is written to orient you in large amount of features offered by General Community. There are described functional aspects of it or, in short, how everything works.

  • 1. User Profile

    • User profile contains all information about your account. Here you can add personal data, including your nickname and avatar. Also User profile contains information about earned G-points and G-reputation. Users with high G-reputation can get a Moderator or an Uploader status and extended abilities as well. Almost any activity on the site is encouraged by points of G-reputaion.
    • User profile includes the following tabs:
      • My messages
      • My friends
      • My news
      • My activity
      • Future downloads
      • My alerts
      • About me
      • My settings
    • GW moderators and administrators have slightly wider features. To features described above are added the followings:
      • Moderate comments
      • Moderate passwords
      • Moderating promo codes
      • Moderate catalog
      To learn more about structure of the General World click on Question mark to open our Welcome-page.
  • 2. G-points

    • Here you can see the list of services that could be activated in exchange for the G-points.
    • G-Points can be earned by inviting friends. Moreover, after registration of your friend, you both will get G-points. Besides, you'll earn G-points, if you comment and vote for others comments, rate the files, give file reports, warn others about fakes and possible viruses, publish the passwords for archives and submit your own files or the content that you found to the GF or add articles to the General Catalog.
    • G-points can be removed for adding a dubious file to General Catalog for instance. Other causes read in Penalty tab.
    • History tab contains information about how much and what for user G-Points were spent / earned.
    • Tab My promo Codes contains a list of user-activated promo codes.
  • 3. My messages

    • Here you will find a list of received and sent messages. For convenience, your messages are displayed in the form of dialogue. Each message contains information about sender and adding date.
    • You can reply, remove or mark as read a message if you want.
    • Click to more/hide to see full or brief version of message.
  • 4. My friends

    • Here you can watch personal information about your contacts and edit your friend list: add new friends, remove unwanted contacts.
    • Circle of your contacts can be divided into 3 categories by importance: My mutual friends, My friends and My fanats.
      • My friends – users you found and added to your friends.
      • My fanats – users who added you to their friends, but you haven’t confirm him/her yet.
      • My mutual friends – users who added you to their friends and you confirm him/her.
    • You can communicate with any of them using private messages. To add new contact use Find user tab which allow searching for friends among GC by a nickname.
  • 5. My news

    • My news is a list of recent actions made ​​by you and your friends. Here you can look through last Downloads, Comments, Bookmarks, Likes, Reports, Interest and Queries
  • 6. My activity

    • My activity - includes information about your last downloads, submits, queries, comments and also your activity in our Forum. In last one you can browse a list of themes created by you and themes you subscribed to.
  • 7. My alerts

    • Alert means a notifying message that will be sent on your E-mail, if new files on your request will appear.
    • Here represented the form of new alert for events that deserve your attention. In that case you'll be sent a notification to e-mail. Here you can also see a list of subscribed alerts.
    • For example you want to be informed about new series of your favorite TV show. Enter it’s title into Query field. To avoid garbage in results choose certain video format and file size as well as preferred file shares. Also you need to choose period of re-check and unsubscribe date. GF Database will be checked according to you query and the information about positive results will be sent on your E-mail.
  • 8. About me

    • Here you can place any information about yourself. It can be edited and deleted at any time.
  • 9. My settings

    • My settings tab is divided into: Main settings, Project settings, Notification settings and Search Options.
    • In Main settings you can edit your nickname, birth date, as well as change your password.
      • Project Settings contains personality options for General files and General community. Here you can:
      • Change the number of results per page.
      • Set not to show files with paid and "adult" content.
      • Limit the visibility of your activities
    • Notification settings
    • Here you can subscribe / unsubscribe for our notification services.
    • Search options
    • Here you can set search options for GF: select file hostings, where you want to search your content, configure the filter of search results by file extension, type, range, size, date, and sort the results by.
  • 10. Profile summary

    • Profile summary shows all your activities. To get here, click on your avatar.
    • Here you can see your personal information like nickname, avatar, link to your profile, your e-mail as well as last news and comments.
  • 11. Form of message sending

    • The form of quick answer contains field for the subject, field for the text and BB-code tool
    • When you receive new message, notification window pops up.
    • To send a message choose the user and click on Send private message on his menu.
  • 12. User Info

    • User Info - user page available to other users
      • User Info includes the following information:
      • Nickname
      • Avatar
      • Status
      • Congratulations on Birthday
      • Online/offline status
      • Registration date
      • Last visit
      • G-points (for admins only)
      • G-reputation
      • Voting for user (for registered users)
      • Number of comments
      • Number of downloads
      • Last use of General Downloader
    • You can add user to your friends or send him a private message. Also you can watch list of his activities and friend list.
  • 13. Moderation tab

      • Moderation Tab is available only for Project’s moderators and administrators. Here they have the following features:
      • Moderate comments
      • Moderate passwords
      • Moderate promo codes
      • Moderate catalog
  • 14. Moderate comments

      • Moderate comments tab contains a list of all comments posted on the website. Here’s available the following functions:
      • Delete comment
      • Ban user
      • Ban user and delete all his comments
    • Upon reaching the bottom of the page the next block with comments is loaded automatically.
  • 15. Moderate passwords

    • Moderate passwords tab contains a list of passwords sent by users. Moreover, passwords are divided into good, bad and not confirmed. The tab also contains information about the total number of passwords.
      • Here you can:
      • Delete bad password
      • Vote for password (It is easy to define suitable password by its like/dislike rating)
      • Confirm password
    • Well, as usual, when you reach a bottom of the page the next block with passwords is loaded automatically.
  • 16. Moderate Promo codes

    • Moderate Promo codes tab contains a list of Promo codes. Promo codes are divided into sold, unsold and their total value. Also tab contains Add new Promo code button.
  • 17. Moderate catalog

    • Moderate catalog tab contains a list of articles from GC. Articles are divided into unapproved, approved and deleted.
      • Here you can:
      • Edit description
      • Give G-points to user, who added a description
      • Take away G-points
      • Ban user
      • Approve or delete an article
  • 18. General News

    • General News - is our news blog - contains a news list of GW project. Here’s displayed a news theme, number of comments, date added, tags, and also a brief description of the article with the ability to transition into the full version. Moreover, each news is linked to certain theme of topic on our Forum to discuss.
  • 19. Forum

      • GC’s Forum consists of three major thematic parts:
      • General News
      • General Files
      • Other Discussions
    • And each part consists of subsections, and they, in turn, consist of the themes. You can create new themes and new polls. To create a new theme, click the button «Add new theme» and set the discussion topic. Here you can set notifications about new comments to your theme. When you create a new poll it’s necessary to specify the question and possible answers. You can also set notifications of new comments to your poll.
  • 20. Topic of discussion

    • In this tab you can view information about topic’s creator, as well as send him a private message using the special form. Discussion can be opened / closed or deleted (for administrators). And it’s also possible to click Like your favorite theme through Twitter, Facebook or Google +. You can comment on the theme, as well as subscribe to email notification of new comments to this discussion. In addition, each user can assess the theme, and influence on rating. When posting a new topic, you can use BB-code.
  • 21. Comment to theme

    • At the top of the form – BB-code panel, on the left – an information about comment’s creator. Here you can find information about the comment’s creator, as well as send him a private message using the form provided. Registered users can vote on comments and mark it as spam. Our moderators can delete incorrect comments.
    • We use it to prevent automated spam submissions and sending messages by web bots. When you make a new comment, you’ll have to enter symbols shown on the image to special field. In the case of invalid input you’ll see an error message. If symbols are unreadable, you can reload the image with symbols. There’s also provided the possibility to disable Captcha.
  • 22. Our team

    • Here you can see a list of our moderators and administrators and contact them.
  • 23. Search engine

    • Search on Forum allows you to find any subject, body or comment you want.
  • 24. Welcome-page

    • Welcome-page - contains a description of the General World project. Here you can have a look at scheme of GW with a description of its constituent projects.
    • G-points block tells how you can earn G-Points, and what you can spend it on. You'll find it at Welcome page
    • To watch the Welcome Page, it Click on Question mark on My menu
  • 25. For anonymous

    • For unregistered users the list of features is much smaller. They can use Future downloads and My activity tabs.
    • Any file from GF can be added to Future downloads to go back for it later.
  • 26. The Form for feedback

    • If you have creative ideas to improve our project or you’ve found any errors, you can use the Form for feedback. We encourage any help to improve our Community!
    • To get the form for feedback click on Contact us at the bottom of the page.
    • To contact us you should enter your email address, choose the project and the department, and, of course, the text of your suggestion.
  • 27. User Statistics

    • User Statistics tab contains lists of active users, new users and their recent comments. Here you can see users information about registration date, the number of comments, number of downloads, and reputation.
    • List of users can be sorted by comments, downloads, reputation. For our administrators is also available sort by user’s G-points feature.
    • You can view the recent comments made by the user, as well as information from the tab My Activity.
  • 28. Site Statistics

    • Here you can see information about the total number of files, G-points, comments and users, involved in our Project.
  • 29. Suggest an Idea

    • We value your ideas and suggestions to improve the General World. Idea box is just for this purpose. Here you can post your ideas and wishes for future development of GW and we will definitely consider them. We are looking forward to your suggestions for new features and activities!
    • After click on the Suggest an idea button you’ll see new theme/poll creation tab where users can express the essence of his idea.

    • You can Like our websites through Twitter, Facebook or Google +.

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