4th generation of General Files and brand new General eBooks coming soon!!! 2013-10-15 12:42:55
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    Despite some difficulties, mainly related to the tightening of global copyright policies, our file search services continue to thrive, gaining new features and functionality! Like a phoenix we ready again and again rise from the ashes or at least move to the new domains, to keep giving you positive emotions from the use of one of the best file search services in the world - General Files. Must say, we did it 4 times already in the last six months. As you remember, from the beginning our home was on the general-files.com, from which we happily moved to generalfiles.org, and then to generalfiles.me. Today you may find us on general-files.org.

    General Files

    To look a bit more decently and not to attract too much attention from copyright owners, we had to do some changes. We decided to remove slides with popular files from the General Files main page. Also we had to shut down the General Torrents project, because many people associate torrents with piracy and copyright infringement. Despite the fact that we provide just a search tools, we had to do this. But there’s no need to worry, all torrents from General Torrents database had long been moved into General Files search results, so enjoy.

    Well, it’s enough about negative news. There are much more good things has happened on the General World this week. Let’s start with General Files, which has considerably improved to become more user friendly than ever!

    We improved algorithm of search results ranking, and algorithm of tips as well, so now file searching process has become much easier and more efficient. Plus, we removed some inefficient file hosting websites, like Onread.com, and added new perspective ones. We also implemented a new mechanism of re-search. If your search specified by filters brings no results, our system will automatically repeat the search without filters. This is quite convenient because it increases your chances to find the file you need.

    We have also improved mechanism of alerts system. Now when you subscribe to alert, it will only work with newly added results, ignoring existing ones in the database. This will prevent the problem of false positives that you previously reported us.

    Hot content

    We manually moved tens of thousands of scattered hot files into the adult category, so they won’t pop up in the search queries where they don’t need to pop up. But don’t worry, this would have no impact on a variety of adult files. Authorized users, as before will be able to find all the passionate content with ease.

    Probably you’ve already mentioned, how we renewed the Detailed page on General Files. We removed the redundant tabs that overload the page, added posters and grouped blocks by importance so that it can be more convenient to use them. Now, certainly, no one will miss the big blue Download button!

    Detailed page

    We have a whole bunch of interesting news about new incredible features that you’ll find in General Downloader app soon, but we’ll keep them until the next news release to intrigue you more. Don’t feel upset, all in good time. As for the desktop version of the General Downloader, there is no any secret.

    General Downloader

    New version of GD for desktop has learned to play video files and music as it downloads, without waiting for the end of the download process. Yeap, you get it right – in other words, from now you have new General player that able to read downloaded files on the fly! So what are you waiting for, download latest version of the General Downloader on our official website - www.generaldownloader.com and enjoy new features right now!

    General Meta Library

    Do you remember that in one of our previous issues we talked about General Meta Library? General Meta Library is the crown of our efforts and experience in works with meta-data recognition to create special thematic file catalogs. It was also significantly improved. Now you can browse all works of the author, artist, or a developer that we have in our database, so search for your favorite books, music and software is getting at times more convenient. But don’t believe to my words, check for yourself - http://www.general-files.org/browse


    And finally, the most delicious news – very soon we will launch a brand new search project!!!

    We convinced that the majority of users and guests of GW love to read books as we do. How long ago did you read a truly worthwhile book? Sometimes it is not so easy to find good reading, right? There are thousands of books scattered all over the internet, but there’s no one place for all.

    That’s why we, the General World team, have decided to run new outstanding project specialized on eBooks search.

    General eBooks – it’s an outstanding book search service and "must have" app for true book lovers. Search through Millions of books, ranging from the classics to modern bestsellers, and download your favorites just in one click! Enjoy smart efficiency of legendary General search engine to find and download all desired readings hosted in public domain. You’ll be able to choose your favorite genre, search concrete book or author or simply to browse the catalog for last addings and download anything you like.

    If you don’t want spare you time on this and want enjoy some highly rated reading right now, then browse our Tops of books and authors based on Your ratings and views and get some popular ones.

    We would like you to take part in this. Vote for your favorite books and help other users to join masterpiece books on General eBooks. With this fantastic service, you will be able not only to download books from the public domain, but also to buy any book you like. That’s right, smart search engine of General eBooks will provide you not only books hosted in file shares, but also links to popular online book stores, where you’ll be able to buy them with ease. We think it's a wonderful idea, and the service will be also wonderful!

    • tadarhtet
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    • 2013-10-17 03:37:46
    yes l like this
    • Guest
    • 2013-10-23 13:20:51
    • Guest
    • 2013-11-21 16:56:08
    For a really simlpe chat program you can just use IRC.You can connect to a chat room (this can be private) and then connect directly to another user (this is called DCC) to transfer files. The nice thing about doing it this way is that the connection to the chat room is persistent. You don't have to have both computers online at the same time. You can have one computer connect to the room and then wait (many IRC users leave it on for days or weeks) until the other user shows up.
    • pps
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    • 2013-11-25 12:41:18
    • Guest
    • 2013-12-28 01:19:23
    Oh aren't you clever- stealing from people who work hard to make a living!! I, as an author, am appalled that you take MY books and help yourselves to them. Disgusting!

    I spend hours , days, months, writing my books and this is to provide a living so I can send my kids to college- but then people like you want something for nothing and think it's a real great idea to STEAL my stuff.

    SHAME on you all! I hope you have a fabulous 2014- unfortunately, I will be spending most of it working a second job to be able to PAY for things my kids need now.
    • Owl
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    • 2014-01-06 08:02:57
    Dear Guest,
    The fact is that we don't host any files, so all the files you find with our service is a priori can't be stolen as all of them are in the private domain. So, please, don't throw stones before you know the actual state of affairs.
    • Owl
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    • 2014-01-06 09:08:31
    Also if any hyperlinks to your copyrighted material were found on our search engine result pages and you want this material removed, just provide us with a correct infringement notice sending it via the contact form.

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