Hot summer search with upgraded General Files and New Translation System 2013-06-21 14:01:42
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    Good day, dear users of General World projects! While the epic summer heat remorselessly melts asphalt outside the window, the General World team stocked with popsicles and keeps developing new useful features for our popular search and download services.

    Summer heat

    The growth of active users suggests that we not in vain do our job and new features find their fans. As always, we prepared a number of news so let’s start with first one – have you already experienced the improved capabilities of General Files?

    We greatly expanded the General Files database by adding a great number of new file hosting websites. Among the latter - easybytez.com, czshare.com, slingfile.com, secureupload.eu, uploadhero.co, novafile.com, sendmyway.com, ultramegabit.com, billionuploads.com, getzilla.net, filevice.com, asfile.com, rarefile.net, cyberlocker.ch, uppit.com, etc. Also we’ve added a huge number of text documents in SNM format with extended descriptions to ease the search. It won’t be amiss to say that expanded file hosting list will be available for users of General Downloader as well.

    Search results page

    But that's not all improvements that you’ll find on General Files. We’ve also optimized the look of search results page, making it more compact and more informative. We plugged new small sized fonts and we moved information about alternative links, link source and more right on results page for your convenience.

    General Community

    General Community has also improved significantly. We implemented very handy translation system for General World services into multiple languages. Now YOU without any difficulties can help us in translation of our services into your native language.

    Translation test

    If you want to take part in this, just go to Main settings of your profile, click “I want to help in translation of the General World projects” and select language and project for which you would like to translate. Then you’ll see translation test the essence of which is to choose correct translations from proposed variants or to offer your own variant. Once you pass the part of the test, just click to save! The system compares test results of different users to make correct translation. That’s how not boringly you’ll be able to make a contribution in development of General World projects and use our incredible services in your language.

    If you have questions about new translation system write us in comments and we’ll definitely consider your issue.

    Select language

    By the way, we equipped General World with language recognition system, so if we got translation in your language, the system will “guess” which one fits you and it will offer to use General World on your native language. Of course you may choose it yourself. For this click to recently appeared “Language” button next to the “Help” on the main page of General Community and select the one you need.

    Also we added ability to sign up via Yandex.ru and Mail.ru (for specific countries). We also upgraded authorization system for Facebook, so there won’t be a problem anymore. Plus, we added special project icons indicating where the last activity of the user was. Now browsing your own activities you will see not only latest actions but also information about project on which they was made.

    Last queries

    But that’s not all, according to your requests we added pagination for Future downloads feature – to scroll your scheduled downloads, and “delete all” button – to reset Future Downloads list.

    General Play

    Our search service for mobile applications - General Play, also got a number of functional improvements. Finally, we've added a list of alternative links for apps you would like to download. On the detailed page of the app, you will find a list of links to the alternative app markets from which you are able to download the app. It means that now you can choose your preferred app market right from the detailed page, but that's not all.

    We finally added the redirect suggestion to mobile version of the website. It means that when you enter the website from your phone or tablet, you can choose between standard and mobile versions of the website depending on your preferences.

    General Play mobile version

    List of app markets and mobile platforms for General Play has also enriched significantly. Now users of this incredibly convenient service will be able to enjoy also the abilities of WebOS, Nokia s40 and some other popular platforms. The number of app markets has also grown – among recently added is Amazon.com, Slideme.org and some others. For today General Play covers almost all popular mobile app stores. It means that with General Play you don’t have to shovel the endless array of app markets to find your desired application, the search engine of General Play will do it for you. If you have never been to the General Play, then here's a tip – start use it right now, and be sure that you won’t be able to give it up for a looooooong time!

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