"Fuzzy" General Downloader 5.12 and extended INTERnational & INTERproject features 2013-05-01 10:10:22
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    Few weeks ago, we released the latest version of the General Downloader, and, behold, here is a new 5.12 incarnation of popular file search and download application! The fact is that during last few weeks we invented so many improvements that it has become enough to announce a new version! App has been SIGNIFICANTLY revised and improved!

    General Downloader

    Here is just a partial list of new features.

    First is MP3 preview feature for direct links. It is very useful, because now there is no need to download the track for listening. Now you can take a listen to track before downloading and only then decide, do you want it or not. Moreover it allows not to wait while downloading will be finished and enjoy your favorite music right now.

    Next is new Fuzzy search button. It can be used when General Downloader brings no results according to your search request. Fuzzy search approaches to your request not so strictly, thereby extending the range of the search results close to your request. Fuzzy search allows you to find results similar to your request even in cases, when your query is “too unique”. If you are interested in this feature and you would like to see how it works, you have the opportunity to activate the use of Fuzzy search feature by default. Though we do not recommend use it by default permanently because your results may become too "fuzzy".

    Fuzzy rainbow

    There were also added a new option for spoilers position on the Detailed page and new interface for downloads folder selection. Plus, we've noticeably improved most of app's services, including downloading service, the drop-down list of filters, filter of sorting order for search results and downloads, content-type url recognizing, mechanism of notifications and much more.

    Also we’ve improved the system and fixed some bugs, including annoying one with “direct links only” filter. The problem with files opening in built-in browser was also, finally, solved.
    Look for the full list of new features in ChangeLog inside your General Downloader.

    In previous issues we mentioned that we added a whole bunch of torrent files to General Files database. Surprise, we kept adding them all this time and now on General Files you may find almost entire gigantic torrent collection from Torcache.net!
    But, if you don’t like to mess with torrents, and don’t want to see them in the search results – no problem – especially for you we added “don’t show torrent files” option. You can find it in the same place where you can disable viewing of paid and adult files for search results – in Project settings tab of your profile menu.

    Project Settings

    As you remember, now in the Project settings tab you can change settings not only for General Community and General Files, but also for all other General World projects. In other words, now all settings moved in one place!

    And more about torrents and relations between General World projects.
    We work hard on creating close relations between General World services. Take a look to new “Related page” button on detailed page of a torrent-files on General Files.
    Using it you are able to move to the Detailed page of a file on General Torrents and get more info about trackers, seeders/leechers count, and the extended file description as well.

    Related Page

    And conversely, if you’ve found desired file on General Torrents you’re able to download it from General Files simply in 2 clicks.
    The coolest thing is that every file, that appears on General Torrents, will be automatically added into General Files database as well.

    Related Page

    To the joy of the fans of mobile apps we’ve added the same Related Page button to the detailed pages of mobile app files on General Files with detailed pages of certain apps on General Play.
    Well, the same feature is realized for General Catalog, so if you see Related page button on General Files, then fill free to click it and get more information about a file (the button is available only for files located on both projects).

    And last news is about new extended international features for General Files search. If you remember, in one of our previous posts we talked about our efforts to learn search engine to recognize user queries in different languages. And, recently, a recognition mechanism for Arabic was added into General Files search engine.

    Previously there were also plugged a recognizer for Cyrillic (For Russian) and Latin alphabets, which includes most of the languages ​​of America and Europe, including Scandinavia, Poland, Czech, Hungarian, the languages ​​of the former Yugoslavia, etc. Plus, we added an extended set of Latin alphabets that covers modern alphabets for some African and Asian languages ​​(eg, Vietnamese, Turkish, Azeri and so on).


    The list is pretty impressive, but we’ve decided not to stop and we’ve also added Armenian, Georgian, Thai, Greek and Hebrew alphabets for which is realized a direct correspondence with language. Plus, we plugged an extended symbol set for Cyrillic. It makes possible to index Belarusian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Tajik languages, as well as the national languages of the majority of Russian ethnic people (Balkans, Caucasus, Siberia and some others).

    We believe, that someday General Files will overcome Korean, Chinese, Japanese hieroglyphs and 23 official languages of India as well and it will be the day when our project becomes the most international friendly file search service in the world! Cool, isn’t it?)

    • red
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    • 259
    • 2013-05-02 07:24:42
    my two cents: search for torcache.net is available only to authorized users. so sign up guys! : )
    • Guest
    • 2013-05-02 08:28:54
    looking good
    • Owl
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    • 244
    • 2013-05-06 06:26:22
    Do you ever rest? Good job, guys!
    • Guest
    • 2013-05-06 08:15:36
    • Azerius
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    • 2013-05-06 14:35:00
    Features - up, traffic - down... Oh, google... ;)
    • Guest
    • 2013-05-28 21:11:22
    YOu have a book called The WOund and The Blessing by Luigi Bruni on your site for free download -

    that book is published by New City Press - and is copyrighted material - you have no right to provide this title on your webiste - please remove it immediately.
    Jim Webber, Publisher New City Press
    • johnsonrock
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    • 2013-07-04 10:43:35
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