Join karaoke party with New General Downloader 5.9 and easy Ubuntu files search! 2013-04-11 09:37:43
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    A whole month has passed away since our last meeting and a lot of interesting changes has happened with General World services during that time!

    We focused our efforts on improving of General Files and making it much more useful and interesting service for file search. We greatly expanded download link database and included an incredible amount of original content for any of your gadgets. List of file types with extended descriptions is also greatly enlarged. Latest additions include – DOC, SWF, GZ, MID, KAR, DJVU, DMG, APK, .torrent and others formats.

    The structure of the search service has also improved. Now in the Project settings tab at your profile page you can change project settings not only for General Files, but also for other General World services, including General Catalog, General Play, General Torrents and General Video.

    Improved project settings

    Plus, we’ve expanded information about downloaded file available on the Detailed page. There an extended description for file type was added, to make it clear what exactly you are going to download.

    Extended description for file type

    We’ve got good news for karaoke fans. From now on General Files you can find texts for all your favorite songs. We added a huge number of karaoke files with lyrics into GF database; also we plugged extended descriptions for .kar and .mid files with your song lyrics. So, now you can simply put into search bar a line from your favorite song and search engine will easily find a karaoke file that you need. Now your neighbors have got a good chance to appreciate an entire depth of your vocal capabilities and to express their gratitude about that). So don’t waste time, invite your friends to a karaoke party tonight at your home!


    Have you heard about Ubuntu operating system? No? Meanwhile it has already used by 20 million users from all around the world. The Ubuntu operating system is gaining momentum and with each passing day it becomes more and more popular. According to your requests we added extended descriptions for ppa-installers, which may contain not Descriptions only, but also Feature lists for searched soft. With General Files, users of the most popular Linux distribution kit - Ubuntu and of its derivatives (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and many others) got the opportunity to search for single packages and ppa-repositories with packages in truly convenient way, and not through the terrible search on the Launchpad.

    General Play

    Next news is about new features on the General Play - an outstanding search service for mobile applications. You may have noticed that we've plugged a convenient sorting mechanism for app markets into search options. So now you can customize your query even more - selecting only those app markets that are interesting for you. In other words, you may choose not only a mobile platform (for example, iOS), but also the specific app market (for example, PandaApp.com), where you want your app to be searched.

    We‘ve updated and seriously improved our Mailing Server. Now it's more stable, and be sure that from now nobody will hidden from getting our latest news and notifications on time)

    General Downloader

    And lastly - Sensation! Fresh General Downloader app of 5.9 version has released. Don’t waste time, update it now! In this new version we’ve added a whole bunch of new features. Let’s look at the visible changes:

    • Structure of the app is improved;
    • Download progress is placed in the notification bar;
    • Added Sorting of search results by relevance, popularity, size and date added;
    • Added Extended information for file type on a Detailed page;
    • File volumes are now displayed on a Detailed page;
    • Added Direct Links dialog when filter selected, and much more!

    We have also made a great job with bugs. Thanks to your reports were fixed a few faults, including problems with launching downloaded files from the app, displaying information about file on the Detailed page, saving selected file sorting and some others.

    Full list of new features can be found on the official page of the General Downloader on Google Play.

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