New General Downloader 5.2 – better than ever! 2013-01-17 13:52:37
    • Admin

    Christmas holidays have unfortunately passed away... But don’t feel upset, we’ve got something interesting for you – it is fresh portion of new features implemented to make General World services even more comfortable to use.

    General Files

    Finally we’ve plugged intuitive Symbol Transliterating system into the General Files. It means that now GF Search engine supports almost all Latin based languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and many more. So if you enter, for example, the word “systeme” as a search request, search engine will give results not only for “systeme”, but also for French variant "système". And conversely, using French "système" will give results of both variants! It is quite convenient, because now there is no need to write a search request for several times to find a unique link. We believe that our International Community will appreciate the new opportunity to search for files in their native language.

    General Files Search

    The second piece of news will be definitely interesting for happy users of the General Files Downloader app. Hooray! New version of the app is available on GooglePlay market.

    General Files for Android

    Try it now – there are tons of new improvements inside the app, including ability to send a report about the file, possibility of an unlimited number of simultaneous downloads, new sorting options and much more. Plus, inspired by your ideas, we’ve supplied the app with abilities to clean the history of your queries, to select a folder for downloads and to pause downloading. Thank you, as you can see most of ideas for improving the application we get primarily from your reports!

    General Play

    Next news is also more for fans of mobile applications. Our pride - General Play project is becoming more and more enjoyable too.

    For newcomers, General Play - is a convenient service to search and download apps for your mobile devices. General Play searches through all most popular app markets at one time, so there is no need to go through a lot of resources to find just the app you need.

    General Play data base is updated constantly. We keep adding more and more new appstores and new applications with detailed descriptions as well. Our immediate plans include adding of the Samsung market with its unique applications and a huge assortment.

    Also you’ll find an improved advanced search features and algorithm of sorting results. There’s no doubt that these upgrades will allow you to use the service much more effectively and find exactly that app you were searching for.

    Moreover, we intend to plug the system of special Price alerts which will be able to notice you if the application you need goes down in price.

    We keep receiving a variety of ideas and suggestions from you about how to improve our services. All ideas are discussed and the best of them are implemented into our products. The flywheel for introducing of useful and unique features is working non-stop and it is really good to know. We thank all members of General Community for your active participation in common effort for improving General World projects.

    Feel free to contact us and to take part in development of General World projects.

    • Owl
    • offline
    • 244
    • 2013-01-24 07:36:14
    Well done, guys!!!
    • Jack_Crowley
    • offline
    • 534
    • 2013-02-06 18:44:51
    I'm rooting for you guys!! I love this community.
    • Azerius
    • offline
    • 301
    • 2013-02-06 20:22:58
    Thanks Jack!)
    • Guest
    • 2013-02-16 22:37:00
    Hello my brothers, I want you to help download Profile Rpso Drpsu 11 Finale problem is I do not have a payment

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