General Files Search: december innovations on the threshold of a new era. 2012-12-20 09:30:15
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    We can’t wait to tell you all about new features of General Files (GF). We’ve prepared a lot of innovations to make our search services much more convenient and be sure that you’ll like them.

    But first, we want to apologize for recent one-day shutdown of our website. Users weren’t able to get on General Files (GF) for a while and among members of our Community were rumors that GF fell down once and for all. Thank God this is not true and causes of mess were more prosaic. Registrar of our project - enum.com had mistakenly locked our domain down. The whole day passed away while their employees have responded to our legitimate demands to restore the GF. We consider this case as an indication of incompetence and probably soon we’ll have to change current registrar company to more trustworthy one.

    But it’s enough about unpleasant things. There is good news for users of General Files Search android app.

    General Files Search

    The new version of our software is released, so download it on Google Play and try it. In the future we are planning to combine both General Downloader and General Files Search apps under the name General Files Downloader, which will merge all positive aspects of both platforms in the interests of our users. Among other things, in new version you’ll find that we fixed all bugs and worked on the optimization, so the app has become even more comfortable and user friendly. It should be noted that the application is updated greatly due to your activity and ideas. Every day our support managers process a large amount of user reports with comments and suggestions about the app so it is safe to say that latest 4.5 version of General Files Search – on half is the work of active members of General Community.

    Soon the application will change even more. We’ve got plans to supply the app with the automated premium download capabilities. So you will be able to try it in one of future releases!

    By the way, a cool daily blog - makeuseof.com has written very good review about General Files Search app. MakeUseOf is booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads.


    The article is titled General Files Downloader: Use Your Phone To Search & Download Files From Popular File Hosts [Android 1.6+]. If you would like to tell about it to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or else, feel free to do so ;)

    Another news is that we have added the ability of Premium downloading from Hotfile and 4shared!


    So when you activate the Premium speed feature you are able to download files on premium speeds from these popular fileshares too. The activation of Premium speed as usual costs only 100 Gpoints, but possibility of its use are keep growing. Just imagine, the premium features of 4 most popular fileshares – Rapidshare, MediaFire, 4shared and Hotfile are available for you just for 100 Gpoints!

    We welcome your suggestions about what else you would like to see in the list of file hosting websites for Premium speed option. Leave your comments about this right under the news, we are interested in your opinion.

    For fans of HOT :) we’ve expanded our search engine with some popular fileshares providing an adult video streaming. Of course, if you're not interested, you can always exclude an adult content from the GF search in your profile settings.

    Adult video

    We’ve also enlarged the list of file types available for meta-data recognizing (look at Description field on files’ Detailed Pages). Now searching for music (mp3, ogg, etc.), books (pdf, fb2, etc.), video (mpg, avi, etc.) and archives (rar, exe, etc.) will be more successful. GF search engine works with their meta-data, including description, text title, author and other file info as well. So in cases when you don’t know the exact name of the file, use other file info and our search engine will anyway give you the links relevant to your request. Another advantage of meta-data is that you get additional information about a file before downloading it.

    Moreover, you can use this feature to filter out the search results. For example, putting to the search bar artist:Nightwish brings the links with this parameter at the description only and adding bitrate:192 allows to filter results by bitrate. It’s pretty simple and quite convenient to use, so we hope you’ll enjoy this way to search.

    And we’ve also improved a search engine for the General Community. Search through Forum and News on GC has become much smarter. Now it is easy as a pie to find the message or news you want to reread.

    As you can see, the General World project is not static, it is always at improving process running by wishes and ideas of our users. Our international team is working day and night to make our services more and more useful and convenient, and if you have an idea of how to make our project better, we will be happy to listen to you!

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