Dangerous substitutions! Solution for threats from General Files Android App. 2012-10-22 09:26:48
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    We recently notice sharp increase of frauds in the Internet associated with file substitution to malware when you try to download it from file hosting website. Moreover, to find such scheme is not always easy because substitution is carried out very selectively - depending on the gadget platform that you use. From this point of view, Android devices have become very popular among fraudsters. Therefore, upon request of our users, we’ve decided to dedicate this News issue to the problem of Internet fraud and opportunities to protect yourself from this kind of troubles!

    Today there are so many sites that provide you ability to download media content, using both computers and various gadgets (tablets, smartphones, e-books, etc.) Your Browser recognizes which platform uses your gadget and notifies the server. This feature can be used by Internet fraudsters in their own way. Most of the sites, of course, allow you to download just the file you requested. However, there are some bad faith sites that can replace the requested file with malware, when you try to download any file through your gadget. Interestingly, this malware is designed specially to be installed on your device platform.

    Even well-known Android Market does not guarantee safety from virus threats. Applications that uploaded to be reviewed on Android Market - the system catalog of applications, don’t pass pre-moderation. Consequently, the Android Market is full of low-quality crafts, "buggy" programs and "Trojan" applications. So you must be quite careful when you install software and games from Android Market.

    Virus Threats on Android Market

    Let's see what so dangerous and what can cause random installation of such software on your gadget.

    Trojans - is applets that are capable to send personal information about you to third parties without your knowledge. They can be easily identified - they require permission to send paid messages.

    I do not need explain what it all might lead. In addition to information about, say, your correspondence with friends and passwords to social networks, fraudsters can get information about your credit card. Just think - today you download any file from the suspicious resource, and tomorrow you may regret to find that your credit card is empty.

    Scary? No, if you carefully approach the issue. We won’t scare you anymore, just encourage you - First, install effective antivirus software on your gadget. This will significantly reduce the probability of suffering from fraud.

    Second, do not give agree to install any additional software on your gadget, if you don’t trust resource.

    Third, you need to follow specific safety rules - do not open suspicious Bluetooth-transmissions and MMS-messages, and block access to the Internet, SMS, files, and contacts for applications that no need access for operation. If you follow these simple rules, you can protect your gadget from viruses, and themselves - from the headaches associated with their disposal, as well as problems with disappearance of your money from the mobile account or sharp jump of your Internet traffic.

    If you want to reduce the risk of potential threats, searching and downloading files from the Internet, use General World software products.

    General World

    We guarantee that using our apps, you will protect yourself from malicious substitution. Be sure that with us you download the file that YOU want, not fraudsters.

    General Files Search for Android

    Our application General Files Search not only keeps you from unwanted file substitution, but also allows you to enjoy all the features of our unique General Search Engine in your gadget on the Android.

    General Files Search for Android - Index page General Files Search for Android - Search results page General Files Search for Android - Fileinfo page

    General Search Engine in the opinion of our users: "Truly smart and highly effective". It helps you easily find any file that you want. We’ve worked on the optimization of our application, and removed some bugs. General Files Search has become more efficient and convenient. Download and try it on Google Play market for FREE!

    If you bought your gadget at a time when the word “Android” was associated not with universal platform for mobile devices from Google, but with humanoid robots, you might be interested in J2ME version of the General Files Search application. Also this version is suitable for gadgets running Symbian and Bada.

    J2ME version of the General Files Search - Index page J2ME version of the General Files Search - Search results page J2ME version of the General Files Search - Fileinfo page

    This means that you can easily search and download any file you want, not coming off from your mobile device. Review and download our mobile applications on http://mobile.general-files.com/. Try it, and I promise you will like it!

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