General world - now 3 years old. Play time is about to begin! 2012-09-21 16:05:00
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    Our project celebrates 3 ​​years. We thank all users of General World for having you stay with us all this time. Let’s remember the history of creation and development of General project – how it was.

    Our first file shares search website (then it called general-search.com) was launched in 2009 as response to appearance of the enormous number of big file shares such as MediaFire, Rapidshare, Uploading as well as smaller ones.

    During the search for file content, it was difficult to orient in large amount of file sharing web sites. It was noted by our founders and thus they got idea to create special service that could organize an effective search of file content through the most popular file sharing websites.

    So we’ve created the General Search project - the ancestor of today's General Files(GF).

    General Search

    The project rapidly gained momentum, as well as the entire industry of file shares. Every day, more and more internet users joined our project. We have always had a flexible approach to positioning and development of the project. So, 1.5 years after the start of the project we decided to refresh it, to make some sort of re-branding of our website. In late 2010, the website got a new name and a new look. So, this is how GF came on the scene.

    General Files

    We must say that it was the right decision, because after updating our website became more popular, it began to attract more and more visitors. It was an evolutionary leap in the development of the project and the new stage for us. From the first day we are open for suggestions to improve our project and you probably have noticed it. We pay great attention to the stable working of our websites. We constantly introduce new features, improve the design of our site to make user comfortably and usefully spend time on our project. Moreover, there is working a kind of natural selection of innovations. We are looking for your feedback and if a new feature in your opinion is not a good solution, then we remove it.

    The project is developed not only qualitatively but also quantitatively. Over time, we launched General Community, General Video, General Catalog, General Torrents projects.

    General Community General Video General Torrents

    Today, all of these websites, led by General Files, belong to the family under the name General World (GW). And Breaking news: Soon GW family will get an addition. We plan to launch new super website searching for mobile applications called General Play. Service will allow you to find everything you need for your electronic gadgets, as easy as never before!

    General World websites are created in order to meet the diverse interests of our users.

    We do all possible to keep GF free from illegal content and it is right position.

    If still an illegal file is detected, we quickly take appropriate measures, such as deleting it from GF database (or rather to say, links, because we are not the file hosting), as well as to inform the file hosting about illegal finding. We are ready to cooperate with copyright companies and we continue to focus on the search for legal files, and I must say that there are so many of them in the internet.

    Today we continue using our philosophy of communicative development. It means that the development of our projects is based on the suggestions and wishes of our users. It is important for us to see users’ inclusion to the process of improving GW and the best result of our work for 3 years is your approval.

    General Community (GC) project that was created for this purpose also is gaining momentum. Users who yesterday visited our project only for downloading content, are now active members of the Community, they make new acquaintances and spend a lot of time communicating with new friends. We are very happy, because this is for what this project was created. Besides the communication on the forum, you can find here latest news of file shares industry, and even more. Want to know what search for and download your friends? If yes, GC just created for you.

    We do not think to stop. We have an ambitious plans for the development of General project. In particular, we plan to launch a number of new projects, one of them – General Play - is already in development and will be launched soon. We think it should be interesting to you.

    Today you can try out the latest version of the mobile application General Files Search for Android.

    General Files Search

    GF Search engine allows you to download from the internet everything you want, including movies, music, TV series, books, etc. Our Application searches not only through direct links, but also on the popular file hosting websites, such as Rapidshare, Hotfile, Fileserve, etc.

    Looking back, we can say with confidence that GW now is much different than what it was originally. If in the early stages the project was as a small child - not inexperienced, but charming in its own way, today is an ambitious young man with professional vision and he knows exactly what he wants.

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    • 2012-09-26 09:02:35
    nice work!
    • Sammy
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    • 42
    • 2012-12-07 10:53:14
    Happy Birthday, General World!
    • jiaullah123
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    • 2013-10-31 05:28:29
    I get an extraordinary arrangement of staggering information here and this is the thing that I am chasing down. Thanks for sharing.

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