Free premium accounts for the file-sharing services! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2011-12-24 00:43:17
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    We glad to present you a new promotion. The General World is giving to all of you, our users, the free premium accounts at some of the leading file-sharing websites. All you need is G-points! At the first stage the participating file-sharing services include: Furk.net, Uploading.com, Letitbit.com and Filepost.com. In the future we’ll add more services to the list and, if you like this, make this promo permanent not timing it to the holidays or some special occasions.

    Fileshares Premium Accounts for Free!!!

    Enjoy the file-sharing services with the premium speeds made available to you by the General World! Remember that you can enter your premium login in the General Downloader so it will use the premium bandwidth and other premium benefits of the file hosting website. By the way, we released a new update of the General Downloader which now supports another hosting, the Filepost.com and has a number of improvements in support of other file hosting sites. In addition we are testing a new option of downloading of the GD via the micro-installator which works without the gd:// protocol.

    General World Welcome Page

    To make it easier to navigate in the General World, we added a special page where we briefly outlined a description of the value that the General World gives to the users. We hope this would help understand the variety of the possibilities available through the General Files and other General World projects. The new users can see this introductory page right after you signed up. It is also available from the menu, under the "Welcome Page" name.

    Password System on General Files

    We have updated the unique and popular password system on our website. From now, the users can vote for or against any suggested pass and the moderators can approve or throw away the bad passwords. The dedicated programs (including, a bit later, the General Downloader) will be able to either approve or refute the passwords as well.

    Adult/Forbidden and Paid Files Filters

    With this system update you are able to easily set up the search result list filtering off the files with the adult/forbidden user reports and/or the files that are reported to be unavailable for the free users of a file hosting service. If you don’t have a premium account at any of them, we recommend you to set up the filter for premium files.

    We continue to improve the overall search quality. In the nearest future we’ll release an updated version of the Deep Search, which will be able to find more files. We also plan to make the future versions of it to be able to integrate the search results of all General World projects.

    General Community Notification System

    We also added a nice comfy email notification to the General Community. Now if you open a new topic in the forum, or if you answer to an existing thread, the system automatically subscribes you to the updates. When someone replies, you will get an email notification. In addition, after analyzing several bug-reports sent to us by our user, we improved the cross-domain authorization and it has became even simpler to register and sign-in on all of the General World websites.

    And in the end, all our team wishes you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We hope all of you will find anything you need in the 2012. And if you ever need to find a file, you already know where to ask ;) Hurray!

    Merry Christmas and the Happy 2012 New Year!

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