Hospitable General Community invites everyone on board! Unique General Torrents takes off! 2011-10-25 14:29:43
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    Please forgive us for such a long absence, we were really busy. In the future we'll try to report more often, especially as every day adds some news to write about.

    So, yes, we now have 400 million of files in the database! We are the biggest and we are also the fastest growing. Very soon we'll know any file, if it has ever been uploaded to the Internet! :)

    Simultaneously with the growth of our General Files database, we improve its usability. The mechanism of subscription for the passwords has been changed. Now it's a one-click experience. Of course, when you don't need the requested password anymore, you can easily unsubscribe. And if you know and sharing the password for some protected archive, you receive additional G-points and G-reputation!

    Subscription for the passwords

    We are trying to make General World not only a functional file search site, but a site for all file sharing users to get together and discuss your findings and other file-sharing related topics, vote for files, rate the quality of the found media, request help and provide help to each other. For this purpose we recently opened the General Community. Now we announce that we have added multiple authorization options: you are already using the Facebook login to authorize on the General World services and now you can use the Twitter, Yahoo, Google ID, and Microsoft Live authorization systems as well. Entering the General World just became a one step easier.

    General Community - files social network

    Login via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Live!

    The login is a cross-domain, which means that when you login at General Community to drop a feedback on some file, you will be automatically authorized on all the other General World websites. Join now and let's make General World a better place. We'd like to see a precious user feedback for every downloaded file. Is it what you were looking for? Did you like it? And, which is even more important, if you didn't, why? Report, rate and discuss your findings. You are doing a lot of good for the ones who download this file after you.

    We are gradually moving the user part of all our projects to the General Community. All the user profiles and other things will be integrated there. We think it will be easier for you to get to know the new and current projects from the point of a community-based social service.

    General Menu

    Now for the coolest part! General Torrents!
    As you may guess it's a service for searching for the torrent files located on various torrent trackers. What makes it unique is that you don't have to be a torrent user! When you find a torrent, you can simply transfer it to the General Files. When the process is done, you will get a notification so you can visit the General Files and download it as usual. Or even simpler, soon we'll make an option to instantly add the download to the General Downloader!

    General Torrents - torrent search engine

    Even now the General Torrents already has more than one and a half million of torrent files in the database. For your convenience we divided them into categories - movies, music, software etc. The website shares the same design of the General World family of sites. The search engine works as fast as the General Files as well. We will also gradually integrate the torrent search to the General Files itself so it will index even more useful content.

    Of course on the General Torrents you will find the same common General World authorization system described above and the G-points and G-reputation. On the General Torrents you earn G-points for almost any activity, such as adding torrents, illustrating and adding descriptions, seeding, reporting, commenting etc. As usual you can see the upload and download speed before starting the download, as well as the number of seeders and leechers. Soon we'll Improve this system so this information would update more frequently. The General Catalog will also soon support the torrent files.

    Let us put a full stop here. We invite you to our new projects General Community and General Torrents. Try them, test them and share your thoughts on them with us and with your friends. Build your G-reputation, earn the G-points and use them for a good cause :) Download and upload and we will do our best to gladden you. New services and possibilities are coming, watch for the news!

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