We are 2 years old and we have the biggest file database! 2011-09-06 21:20:54
    • Admin

    It all started in the end of August 2009 when we launched rather primitive file search system with only one supported file-hosting website and 20 million of files in the database at the very outside. On September 6 we registered the domain General-Search.com which marked the beginning of our file search service. And now it is a huge project, a whole empire – General World with much better search mechanism, 325 million of files (instead of 20), nice and effective design (which changed several times). The service moved from only two servers to a powerful cluster comprising tens of them. We had ups and downs on this path and we continue the development and improvement. We see that you need our service and that you like it. Thank you for your FB “likes”, your tweets and “+1”. Every time you link to us in your blogs, tweets etc. we feel gratitude and motivation to make the service even better and more useful for you.

    And now we celebrate our 2nd birthday! We are still young and the current concept of the General World is even younger (it was designed in the end of 2010), but we are already competent. We can do things that others can’t and we find more than the recognized authorities of this market, who still enjoy the benefits of early start. Unfortunately this is how the Internet works nowadays – new players(General Files Search) have to wait and wait till the search engines (not the users) decide that they are worthy. But things are changing and it’s you who are changing it by spreading the word. Thank you very much for this...

    General World - We are 2 years old

    ...BTW this is the cake on which we blew out the candles today :)

    Now for the prospects. We are working on the problem of the password protected archives. The General Downloader will have a special password-picking system for that purpose. The General Community and General Torrents projects, postponed because of a few problems, are now on the way. We continue to add the value and fun to the G-points. More unique options and features that you can “buy” for them will soon be implemented.

    We decided to deal with the processing of the international search queries. It will be improved and you’ll soon see better quality of international search. More thorough review of all these and other features and ideas for the future will follow of course. And for now that’s all. Thank you for your support and suggestions, we review them all.

    Long live the General World!

    • Guest
    • 2011-09-08 23:06:14
    YES DO NOT END UP LIKE LIMEWIRE KEEP IT UP OH BTW If you make your own wiki then put private...
    • Sammy
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    • 40
    • 2011-09-15 12:54:45
    My best wishes to our team )
    • Guest
    • 2011-09-28 15:09:59
    my best wishes to get ,more service to us.
    • Guest
    • 2011-10-02 02:11:09
    Articles like this just make me want to visit your wesbite even more.
    • Guest
    • 2011-10-20 00:07:33
    One of the best sites i have ever used
    • Azerius
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    • 301
    • 2011-10-20 22:00:49
    Thanks, you're welcome!
    • Guest
    • 2011-10-21 15:18:29
    I use it all the time. The best. Thank you!
    • Jack_Crowley
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    • 534
    • 2012-09-20 19:39:50
    All hail King of Commune! Commune, City of Sharing :) (Especially if you enjoy file sharing systems.)

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