August is a launch time. General Catalog took off! 2011-08-08 22:40:50
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    We have just released for a wide audience a new project with about 2 million categorized files together with the user-written description articles. Dear users, meet the General Catalog!

    General Catalog - user-written articles

    Now you can not only search on the General Files but browse through the categorized content on the General Catalog and search here as well. And of course you can post your articles yourself and earn G-points for this. Soon you’ll also be able to upload the files to one (and later probably many) of the file hosting services and again earn additional bonuses that you can later exchange for the premium accounts at the file hosting websites! We are doing our best to implement this as soon as possible, but as we don’t have our own file hosting, the speed of development of this feature depends on the partnering companies. What we can do is to devise and implement new useful features at our side.

    This project, General Catalog nicely complements our file search engine General Files, which already indexes more than 235 million of files. We’ll soon add the special icons to the General File to let you know that this file together with the description was submitted to the catalog by our user. General Catalog icon shows at the General Files

    When you see this icon you can instantly visit the respective catalog page with the detailed information of the file. Of course we’ll make an information block for the catalog on the main page and in the right menu of the General Files. BTW the right side menu is now fully customizable. The system remembers your preferences of the reduced and expanded tabs, which is another reason to register

    But if you think the General Files main page is already too complicated, try the minimalistic lite version of the search engine at lite.general-files.com.

    Lite Version of the General Files

    As you probably already noticed we released the next update of the General Downloader. That was not without purpose as the General Downloader and the General Catalog are now integrated. The catalog has the same “Download via General Downloader” links as the General Files, and the software intercepts the clicks on them. But that’s not all. You can download all the files from a catalog article in one click, which means full support of the multivolume archives! More than that, if you click on the upper button, the General Downloader can download the file not only from a certain file hosting but from any of the alternative links, in case the first link became unavailable. The same support of the alternative links will be added to the General Files as well.

    And to wrap it up, let us mention that we added two more file hosting services: Wupload.com and UploadStation.com.

    Oh, and we are starting two new projects in August! Get ready for the General Torrents, which we already announced earlier and the project which will unite all of you under one roof and where all the users of the General World will communicate – the General Community! All social features of the General World will be moved there. Check the news frequently!

    • red
    • offline
    • 266
    • 2011-08-11 06:43:49
    you should put a "lite version" link to the main page. for example, in the bottom block - under the "mobile version" link ; )
    • Guest
    • 2011-08-11 07:21:36
    i don't think so)
    • agent1782
    • offline
    • 4
    • 2011-08-13 21:54:06
    yes,man.this very helpful site.i dont longer needed any torrent or filestube,etc. keep the good work,G...)
    • Azerius
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    • 302
    • 2011-08-14 08:29:27
    Thanks, we're General World Team) you are welcome!

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