Database growth and G-points – bonuses of the General Files! 2011-06-08 12:34:52
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    The General World's collection of various content is growing day by day!

    Already more than 175 million of files are available through the General Files and more than 12 million videos are presented to you via the General Video! The growth of the General Files is intensive, as we try to add the support of more file hosting websites. Now we support 37 of them. The important thing here is that we expand over younger and smaller file hosting services. We only had one condition for inclusion of a service to our search. All the files that we index should have been available for free download. But then we had a second thought. Why we should limit people with premium accounts? And so we allowed paid downloads into our database. Of course you always can set up a rule in your account to filter off the paid files. More than that, we encourage you to inform us on such files by using a new report "Paid Download". E.g. recently we were notified by one of our users that at the Filesonic.com all the files bigger than 400Mb can't be downloaded for free and require a premium account. G-points at your profile

    The long-awaited news: the bonus system is officially launched!

    Here is the description: Our bonuses are called the G-points. You can see your G-points in the right menu, near your avatar.

    And in the left menu you can see the history of your "earnings".

    • To start with, you can use the G-points to greatly reduce the number of times when you need to enter the captcha (the captcha is already shown much less frequently to the registered users, but if the captcha still annoys you too much, you can make it show very rarely for a few G-points).
    • You can also pay with the G-points for a special search option called the Deep Search, it's a search among closed and hidden parts of the forums. Quite often this kind of search returns unique and interesting results so give it a try!
    • Another option which you can use in exchange for the G-points is the Priority Search. When a user activates the Priority Search for a given query, we set up the crawler bots in a way to ensure that you get the relevant search results as soon as possible. This feature is still in the development stage. We are evaluating the demand for such a thing.
    • And we have already activated the no-banners option in your profile without taking any G-points from your balance. We hope you understand that our website is purely advertisement-monetized so we had to place some unobtrusive advertisements which we believe won’t be a problem for registered users.

    G-points: np captcha, deep search, no advertisement and history

    In the nearest future we will make additional options that will be available in exchange for the G-points. One of such options is an Invisible Mode, which will let you completely hide your presence and all your activity on the General Files. Another little handy tweak is the option to skip the detailed information page, i.e. you will be able to start the download straight from the search results page, without visiting the page with the information about a file. Yet more tasty things are already planned! Like e.g. an option to request a file and a password for a file in exchange for the G-points.

    Did you just say "where the heck can I get those G-points"?

    • First of all, as we already said in the previous news release, every registered user gets 100 G-points at the moment of registration.
    • We also encourage you to use the General Downloader and we give the G-points to the GD users.
    • The third, but not the least important thing is the reward for the on-site user activity. Comment on files, vote for them, report on the files, approve/reject the archive passwords - we'll give you G-points for such community-friendly activities.

    Almost at the moment I'm writing this we have launched a referral system, so now you will receive the G-points for the activity of your referrals as well. Invite your friends using the following link http://www.general-files.com/login/?o=, You can see your ID-number in your profile.

    But please keep in mind that we will not tolerate the attempts to cheat the system. We will fine a cheater's account or even close it. Remember, our goal is just to stimulate the users to help each other and the service as a whole. Thank you for understanding!

    We'd like to introduce to you a new approach to the file search. This is our search Jabber Bot. The Jabber bot lets you search on the General-Files.com without visiting our site. Try it! Send your keywords for a file to the jabber files@general-world.com from your @gmail.com or any other Jabber account - and let us know your thoughts about it.

    In the end I'd like to add that we are constantly testing our service to find any errors and polish anything to the point of perfection. You can see some usability improvements in the user profile, the menu was redesigned to make it more clear and logical. We also give some designer possibilities to the users, now you can design your "About me" page by adding or removing your custom fields (name, city, education, favorite music band, favorite quote etc.) and graphics!

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