General Video joined the media empire of General World 2011-05-21 11:12:50
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    Wonderful news! At the end of the April another website joined the General World empire - General Video! This powerful search engine is dedicated to find any video content available on the Web. General Video searches across huge number of popular video platforms and websites (youtube, dailymotion, liveleak, metacafe, myspace, vimeo, megavideo, veoh and other). Maximum relevancy of the search result pages together with the capabilities of community tools (video playlist, sharing found links with your friends, discussion of the found movies and videoclips, advanced reporting system) make General Video a comfy place for all tube addicts. Come in, check it out!

    And by the way, General Video is partially integrated in General Files - when you make a search on General Files, you will also see the related video search results from General Video.

    Another new feature is mobile version of General Files website - m.general-files.com for those of you who use any small screen hardware.
    Mobile Version of General Files

    We are not only fixing all the errors that you informed us about but of course continuously upgrading General-Files for you as well, and recently we upgraded main and profile pages making the interface more convenient and logical. The information blocks placement is more thought-out now, and the My Activity tab was added so now your latest queries and viewed files are clearly visible.

    My Activity tab

    We upgraded the mechanism of adding new links, so now the new download links are added to the General Files database more quickly.

    We added two new types of reports: erotic content erotic content report and forbidden content. forbidden content report By the way, now our search algorithm takes the reports into account when it ranges the search results. And now you can see the reports right on the search results page.

    We also made one substantial improvement in the display of search results. Now, if there are a lot of files with the same name on the results page, they will be bundled into Alternative Links. We believe is makes SERP more clear and enveloping.

    Alternative links at the General Files Search

    We improved the Alerts system. Now the registered users can manage their alerts right on the website. Alerts is a very handy feature, we encourage you to try it. You will be first one to know that someone has just uploaded your long-awaited file. This increases your chances to download it while the file is still alive. Not to mention of course that using Alerts you will be among the first who watched a new episodes of every series etc. Just set up for example (for fans House M.D.) an Alert for "house s07e23 hdtv" and the first available link will be delivered to you with the speed of light.

    Of course we constantly work on improvement of the relevancy of the search. This is our main goal. But beside the improvements in the core algorithms and all those cool features, we also continue the work on our auxiliary project, the General Downloader software. Don't forget to download the latest version as we upgraded it recently. Now it shows you how many times the files were downloaded, but what is more important we added the support of several file hosting websites, the popular FileSonic.com and FileServe.com being among them.

    Now, that was all about what was done. But what about things to come? Several cool features soon will be implemented. We know the problem of password protected archives was one of the most annoying issues for our users and so here we are, already testing the option for requesting and confirming the archive passwords. But we need your help to thoroughly test it! As an additional facility for handling of archives we are tweaking the interface so soon you'll be able to see the number of parts of multi-volume archives and their total file size.

    Done with that, now goes probably the tastiest piece. We are finally testing the bonus system! Yes, we are introducing bonuses(general points? ;) ) on the General World! After the registration every user account is accredited with the 100 bonuses. Soon we'll make them visible. The bonuses can be exchanged for various useful features (e.g. you can "buy" a possibility to request a file with high priority, or an option to search in the hidden files section. It is also planned that users will be able to exchange the bonuses for premium accounts at file hosting services and many other things). It will be very easy to "earn" bonuses - just be helpful to the General World community!

    That's not all announces! In the nearest future we are launching one more substantial part of the General World - General Catalog! It will be the biggest, the most comprehensive and the most easy-to-use file catalog on the Web, with very clear and intuitive structure. It will be a user-supplemented, thoroughly illustrated search system. That means you can help the community by submitting new download links together with the descriptions, screenshots, album covers etc right into the clear categorized catalog structure, passing the normal procedure of approving of the submitted links and without feeding your target websites to our crawlers and waiting till they harvest your links.

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