Spring changes for our dear users! 2011-03-20 13:28:29
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    Now our database contains more than 114 million files! It is growing everyday thanks to improved Crawler and our users, who use GD browser plug-ins. We regularly add new file sharing services, one of the recent ones was Fileserve.com.

    But we have just begun with the news! We finally issued a long awaited new version of General Downloader with a number of improvements. We remind you that the GD lets you download files fast and efficiently without visiting a file hosting website, thus avoiding their annoying and intrusive pop-ups and banners. Soon we will add a support for Fileserve.com to the General Downloader too.

    We introduced more options to the privacy settings of user accounts. You can set visibility permissions for your data, queries, files etc in the profile settings. Let us also remind you about the possibility to view the updated personal pages of your friends.

    BTW, the friends feed has recently been added to your profile page, so you can check what your friends are doing in the General World. You will like this feature if you are all into social networking just like us.

    Another connecting feature is Public Recommendations. Use it to share your findings with your friends. All your recommendations will be immediately displayed in the news feed. We'll later make these recommendations a factor affecting your search.

    Unfortunately, we have some bad news as well. It seems the Google is penalizing our sites. We contacted Google developers, but didn’t see any progress if not saying that the situation changed for the worse. We value every our user and we are glad to help you download free files, the great number of which you can find only on our site. That’s why we are compelled to ask all the users to support our sites by any means, including posting backlinks, making recommendations on Facebook, using Google Chrome browser tools and Google search in order to make our site more accessible for other users. Thank you for your understanding and responsiveness! Your feedback is always welcome!

    We'd like to add to this, that we are going to launch several new projects in the nearest future, some of them are already in the final testing stage. As always, they will be handy and useful search tools working with the largest file databases. The main emphasis this time is put on the social networking features. You will be able to take active part in the further development of the file search and help us and other users in many ways, including reporting tools and recommendations.

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