Next portion of sweet winter updates! 2011-02-11 14:52:05
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    We are sometimes being asked about why we run several websites when we could build the file search service under one roof. Yes, that's true, the websites look similar in design and this may lead someone to confusion. But in fact AccurateFiles.com and General-Search.com are different ideologically, so to say.

    In two words, we use AccurateFiles.com for testing all new features. The features proved to be most popular we later implement at General-Search.com and at the same time we let some specific not that popular innovations to stay at AccurateFiles.com if they receive at least a narrow support and approval.

    Done with the foreword, here goes the news! The winter continues and we roll out new freezingly cool improvements!

    The main thing of course is our database of download links which is growing like snowball rolling down a hill. Another great file hosting, 4shared.com, was integrated into the system. They have a lot of stuff on their hard drives, go and check!

    Another trend of improvements worth mentioning: with this update we continue to build and load our file search social network with new features: New settings for interaction between the General Search Network and the Facebook accounts. Now if you log into the GS via your Facebook, you can change the nickname at the GS without updating it from Facebook account. You will also be suggested to set your own password instead of automatically generated one, so you could use this new login-password on other websites and applications of the General Search universe.

    Oh yeah, and you can now use avatars! Maximum size is 100x100, 50kB. Express yourself graphically :)

    The main functional was of course enhanced as well. Come and check the new Alerts feature, it's very handy! You can use them in many ways. You can monitor the new results for a certain search query or if you did not find what you need (yes that sometimes happens "sigh"). Just set the task and we will inform you when we get something that meets your search query!

    You probably already know that we added a new line "GD Supported" in the drop-down list of supported file hosting services near the "Search" button on our websites. If not, go and try right now! It saves time of the GD users by limiting the search to the file hosting sites that the General Downloader can currently work with. What you don't know yet, is that this option will very soon be included into the GD itself, which is only logical :)

    You will also find that the General Downloader is becoming more independent. Here is what I mean, let's say you already found what you want to download. Maybe you found it on our service and saved the link, so to say, for future reference, or maybe your friend sent you it or you found it in Google, it doesn't matter. Know what? You can now insert it right into the GD! No need to find your file again on our website anymore, just click a button and the GD will gulp down your link!

    At the same time General Downloader is becoming more connected to the service as a whole. We added the possibility to see the file ratings, vote and send reports on the files via the GD. You can now also synchronize the download queue and the download history between the website and the General Downloader. Yet another reason to register in the service, in case you didn’t already do that, so your downloads won’t get lost!

    And last but not least, news for you guys who manually supplement your links to our database. You can fill the descriptions for your files, e.g. publish the passwords or some additional information about a file.
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    • 2011-02-11 16:23:19
    its ashame generally most folks will ignore and not really care, but others will pay a interest

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