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    Do you know about benefits of General Files over usual search engines? GF’s search capabilities are endless if you know how to use it properly.
    Usual search engines like google.com, bing.com and others are not specialized on searching for files; they do not handle file extensions and can’t search strictly through media data bases.
    When you search for what you want by usual search engines – usually they redirect you to one of the so-called file search engines and there is or is not what you are looking for. But the fact is that usual search engines are not almighty and can’t add into index the entire file database, which is also constantly updated (though certainly they seek to do so). At worst, you will get a portal with search on advertising or paid links, or some other garbage. In order not to waste time for file searching use advantages of smart algorithms inside GF search.
    Few people know, but the GF has advanced search capabilities that (with skillful use) could greatly ease the search process. Let’s see how it works on concrete examples. There are some variants of what people are searching for.
    The most simple - it is when you know the exact name of the file that you need. For example, I'm looking FruitNinja game and know the exact file name, I would search: FruitNinja 1.3.ipa.

    In this case, I just open GF search engine then enter the file name, and as a result I’m on http://www.general-files.com/files-f/fruitninja-1-3-ipa/?qa=fruitninja_1.3.ipa/. Then I Look through the list of results for FruitNinja 1.3.ipa keyword and choose the suitable one.

    If there are a lot of results, we choose the preferred file hosting, though usually the most relevant to user’s query results are on top of the list. In my case there are a few results and I would choose one with better rating. So all that remains is to start the downloading.
    Another thing is when you don’t know the exact file name and system brings no results or results with similar name, but it’s not what you expected.
    For example, we want to find some icons - avatars. Additional difficulty here is that if we enter in the search bar “avatars” we obviously did not get the desired result, or would have to move from page to page, looking for the needed files. Sometimes to write a correct query you may visit the tab "Related Global Interests", where you can find popular keywords associated with your query. But if there’s no good query – we’ve got two variants to do. You can narrow your search and use Advanced Search options, or try to make your query more representative - because there’s almost no doubt that GF database contains that file.
    Let’s consider both variants.

    Advanced search allows us to specify the search using a number of conditions. Sometimes it is useful to exclude the results that contain some unnecessary words, but in this case it would be better for us to put a filter for the size - it is unlikely that collection of icons will weigh more than 250MB, even of highest quality. At the same time it would be logical to set 10 MB as the lower limit, because otherwise we will get a single image, or something with poor quality that we of course don’t need. Plus, we need only images and (just in case)archives. In other types, we don’t find what we looking for. It is also possible to set specific file extensions, as well as preferred sources for download, but more likely this could be useful for advanced searchers. We can add the words that we surely don’t want to see in search results. It is - movie film game.

    In the second case, we just need to think about how to point identity of our query to a certain themes. For example, try enter «avatars icons» or «avatars packs» and you’ll see that now most of the results are of right theme.
    Of course, you can combine both variants and add also selection by size, file type, etc. But in our case we have found what we’ve searched for, so we don’t need to delve into. And we tend to think that the second variant with clarification of user’s query is more preferable, despite the fact that you know how to use the advanced search mechanism. We mean to filter out search results that are explicitly useless through exclusion or specify the types, sizes, and so on, which allows you to search more accurately.

    What about searching for films and TV series? We know that you love and search them very often, so let's expand it down. Basically the query format to find series is the following: <name> s <num> e <num> <quality> <language> or <name> <num> x <num> <quality> <language>. For example, > Supernatural s05e01 <.

    If a simple query with title and season-episode gives a lot of excess results – you’ve got a small bag of tricks. For example, you can set the order of the words, with special mark "<<": supernatural << s05e01 If there are too many results refine your query using precise quote, which will mean that these words should go together and in right way "supernatural s05e01".
    There’s no need to enter an alternative search options, such as “supernatural 5×01”. GF search automatically gives the results for all possible alternatives. Additionally you can always specify the quality of the film as a dvdrip, 720p, or something different. Plus you may set the file extensions (mkv, avi). Of course adding special parameters into search reduces the chance to find your file (probably there’s no episode with such resolution in our database yet), but nonetheless it also demonstrates the possibility of more precise search setting.
    Use of advanced search in any case helps you to formulate a query and find what you want, throwing away a lot of close results. A similar technique is used on search for movies, as well as music, applications, and any other files. All the tricks and comprehensive search capabilities can be described a long time, we just urge you to keep in mind that they exist and you can use them any time.
    Today General Files uses smart algorithms in search, which process the metadata of various file types such as mp3, ogg, pdf, etc. It means that even if you enter an ugly query, the system automatically compares it with appropriate queries and provides results relevant to last ones. Moreover, now for adding music and books in "Related files" we are trying to use the same metadata mechanism.
    The advantage of GF, as you may be have noticed, is primarily a huge file database and the ability to search both on file shares and direct links. You can find almost any file – it is all about a correct search.
    To make a search more effective try our new features – Priority Search and Deep Search. If the basic search returned no results try any of these options in exchange for G-points.
    Deep Search option supplements your search results by the files relevant to your query. This feature is available for queries, containing more than one word.
    Priority Search option could be useful, if you are sure, that the file really exists, but you don’t find it in our database. This feature quickens the adding of files, relevant to your query in our database. It’s tempting, isn’t it?
    Both options are quite resource intensive, so they are available for registered users only and for G-points. Of course, we don’t guarantee that the file will be found, but the chances of a positive outcome are getting up.
    Now you know some useful tricks and we hope it would help you to make search with General Files much easy and efficient. So go ahead, all in your hands!
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