Buck Roger Trilogy by MS Murdock Epub Wanted 2016-03-25 19:09:04
    • thelunnster
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    Does anyone have the three Buck Roger Books by MS Murdock that they could Upload?

    They Are:-
    Rebellion 2456/
    Hammer of Mars/
    Armageddon off Vesta

    many thanks in advance
    • Guest
    • 2016-04-07 18:50:32
    Beware Customers! You think you're getting something Free? Think again, I would not trust this site as they are stealing copyright books and other materials! Would it occur to you that if they possess the lack of ethics and integrity to operate this type of business that they're also stealing your e-mail address for profit, hacking into your computer and accessing personal information, Phishing AND bringing in a virus! You are also putting yourself in the position to pay legal fines for engaging in piracy. Now what are you truly getting free? Is it worth it ? ? ?

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