obsolete results on dead hosts 2015-11-02 02:45:49
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    Purely curious why you folks don't clean up the list of file hosts. Some of them (like ryushare) have been gone for months now, yet the generalfiles engine is still providing links to stone-dead files. It's a pointless waste of time. It's been over a year since I found a live link on uploading.com, bitshare.com ACTS like it's there but hasn't given a download for months, ziddu has been a joke *forever*, filepost is toast, etc. I haven't seen a working link from Luckyshare for 6 months.

    If there's no possibility of getting a file from these hosts, could you at least filter the results or grey them out so we don't waste time on them? I have a URL chunk that I paste in (&hosting=23,15,93,137,12...etc.) so that I can filter out the junk sites that are Russian-only or seem to have nothing but premium-only links, but it's annoying to stop, find the URL chunk and paste it in for every search.

    VIP-Files? Really? Has anyone ever gotten a file from them for free? What's the point of listing them?

    Sorry, just ranting.
    • red
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    • 2015-11-03 08:32:33
    Hello, RFiend! Thank you for the report.
    Please, give us a full list of filehostings which considered "obsolete" by you. We will check them and exclude from a database.

    • red
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    • 2015-11-03 08:39:27
    I have a URL chunk that I paste in

    N.B. also you can save selected hostings as "preset" in option form for your comfort (only if you are authorized).

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