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The General Community is the next step in the developing General World. Every day the GW meets new users and due to the impressive feedback we always know what exactly you want from the General World, so we can be sure that we are moving in the right direction. We offer various approaches to the content search on the Web. E.g. the General Files is a service for search on the file-hosting sites, the General Catalog is more of a context oriented search service, the General Torrents is probably one of the best torrent search engines. But in order to better understand your needs we made this website – the General Community. Of course, you were able to, for example, report us bugs via the comments and file report system on any of our search engines, but now the General World is so big that it has become a necessity to centralize and systematize all users activity to keep the processing of all your requests effective and to help you make out the General World and let you use our services more efficiently at the same time.

The General Community is, first of all, a communication tool. Here your will find all chapters related to the communication with us, the team of developers, chapters for technical support and a forum for various discussions. Enjoy yourself, invite your friends and strike up new acquaintances, because our service is a meeting place for people from all over the world.

But the General Community is not just all about communication and sharing your interests. It’s about file-sharing as well! We encourage you to use it for asking other users for some rare stuff that you could not find even in the massive file collection of the General Files or among the torrents indexed by the General Torrents. Open a topic on the forum requesting the file that you are desperately trying to find and there are very good chances that someone from our huge community will give you a hand. The system, in return, will reward the responsive user with the G-points, because this is our goal – to build a helping community of file-sharing enthusiasts.

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